Welcome to our website! Gateway Ascension has been created to serve all your Ascension needs, using the ‘Gateway Systems of Light’. The Gateway is more than just a DNA activation energy. It is a holographic interface, for the upgrading of your cellular structures, to luminescent biosuits.. All Lightbody geometries are provided within the Gateway network of star systems, which also include parallel and non-dimensional systems.. These Ancient Systems have been used extensively in the past, to successfully ascend all species throughout the Cosmos.. The Gateway establishes the Crystalline Light Matrix, followed by the Diamond Light Matrix, and ultimately the Solar Light Matrix, of all beings.. Your DNA will be successively upgraded through these matrices of Light, when you receive the Gateway Energy.

The energy itself, heals, repairs and restores your light matrix, bringing it into alignment with your ‘Source Self’, effectively reversing any modifications to your Angelic Human Template, which have downgraded you, and kept you vibrating within a low frequency bandwidth.. It also changes your morphogenetic field, to align with your Spiritual Mind, blocking any disharmonious thought patterns and habits, thus allowing only superior high frequency thought waves to be experienced by you. This energy promotes expanded consciousness and higher dimensional awareness for all souls, thereby establishing Harmony and Peace upon our beloved planet..

The Gateway is the energy of the Divine. Possessing its own wisdom and intelligence, it knows exactly what needs to be done, to heal, restore and upgrade you, always working in cooperation with your Higher Self.. No texts, instructions, symbols, or 3D learning tools, are necessary to transmit this Divine Energy.. A truly higher dimensional system, requires no human input, other than that of the power of intention..

All Gateway Activators are downloaded with codes from the ‘Avatars of Light’, via myself. I am a bridge between these lightbeings and the activators.. The codes received, come from many star systems, and include the DNA geometry of each one.. This energy is in effect introducing superior Galactic DNA, into our current DNA Matrix, improving it to enable us to ascend dimensionally..

If you wish to know more about this sacred energy and its systems, please read the ‘About’ and ‘Gateway Science’ pages…

If you would like to become  a certified Gateway Activator, please book below. As a certified activator, you will also be able to transmit the ‘Scalar Energy’ to others to heal them.. You can book the Course of 7 major systems (£199 only), an individual system, or a Gateway Attunement … If you have paid for the Course, you will need to book a further six system downloads. You can do this by using the Code XGATEWAYS.. click ‘redeem coupon’, add the code, apply, and you will see that the Gateway System is now free. You can add your next six bookings as and when you want. Please allow around a 3 day interval between each booking, for the energies to integrate .. Thank you..

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Gateway Ascension


It is our passion, to transform this world to light, using the highest light technology that is available to us…

As of the 11th July 2019, The Gateway Energy has reached critical mass point, and on doing so, will automatically transfer itself from person to person, shifting the whole of humanity into the higher light fields, all  working together as ‘One’, to create the world we need and deserve… This is HUGE… It means that anyone who receives the energy, even during our free Gateway Events, will become living transmitters of Light, and will be able to pass on the energy frequencies to others, without being attuned by myself…If this message speaks to your heart, please join me, Ki-Ra, and the other Gateway activators here at Gateway Ascension. We have moved our group from Facebook, due to constant banning of our Events, and are now on a more secure and ethical platform (mewe.com).. If you wish to receive this energy yourself, please join our group here..


The Gateway has been given to us by the ‘Avatars of Light’, who are pure energy, and not embodied as we know it.. It forms the basis of All Systems, and many higher energies, being woven into the etheric fabric of all Universes. It infiltrates the etheric levels, and its energy aligns with the ‘Golden Crystal Gate’, ‘Diamond Gate’, and ‘Solar Gate’. In fact many quartz crystals contain this energy..

The Gateway itself, comes to us via the Stellar Gateway Light Portal.. The key codes within the downloads that the activators receive, become embedded in their energy field, opening, clearing and activating their Stellar Gateway Chakra, and their Ascension Chakra (located at the base of the skull), which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness, enabling them to transmit this Divine Energy to others.. The Stellar Gateway is a portal of light which connects us with our Divine Source. When fully opened and activated, it opens a cosmic doorway to all the Light Realms, enabling us to assimilate the light codes of all other Solar Logos. It enhances communication with enlightened beings, and harnesses the energy of the 12 Cosmic rays. This powerful intergalactic portal is generally opened within all who receive the Gateway Energy, not just the activators themselves..

The Gateway systems are beautifully simple multidimensional healing and transformational systems, which are now being given to us as we move into ascension. They empower us to transmit high frequency multidimensional energy to others, for the purpose of healing and upgrading their DNA.. I’m told that a number of key historical figures knew about the Gateway Systems, such as Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, and Harry Edwards (founder of the Spiritualist Church). Harry Edwards may have even found a way to tap into these energies, during his well known healings!

As a race we are moving away from left-brain orientated technologies and ways of being, away from further development of the Intellectual Mind/Body, except that which comes through the Heart, engaging Right-Brain Consciousness, and empowerment through the Divine Feminine. The Gateway, as a quantum energy, tends to be a faster vibration than older modalities. The systems that form part of the Gateway, are Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Alderbaran , Orion,  Excel (our Milky Way), Pegasus, Antares, Genesis (parallel realities), and Merka ( higher merkabah geometries).  There are many more systems, however, but it was deemed sufficient for our needs that only these systems above would be necessary, to enable us to reach critical mass.. The Gateway Energy, will empower you to transmit the Gateway Frequencies to others, adding Star DNA to their energy matrices, from advanced galactic systems of light, assisting all to make the crystalline transition, more quickly and easily. Healing and upgrading all to the highest light matrices.

 “Since the attunements began in January, I have felt clearer, totally centered, mindless and yet fluid. My body feels lighter and movement is effortless (big bonus!). I feel purposeful and do look forward to continuing this priceless, endless journey!” …. Greer Palloo

Please note the Gateway book is now free, click on the picture to receive  your copy of the ebook


A second Gateway book is now available, below. It is from The Elders, and will open new portals to even higher light realms/frequencies. ( It is a pay what you want book).. Please click on the cover to download…

Gateway Science

The Science behind the Gateway Systems………..      

The Gateway Systems are powered by Scalar Energy and utilize what is known as Quantum Entanglement.     Each cell has a parallel cell. As the gateway energy is fed into the parallel cell, a vacuum effect is created, which sucks all the negative energy out of the cell. Because the cells are entangled at the Quantum Level, this creates a Supercell. Positive effects occur within the original cell, because entanglement decrees that they behave as One. Scientists tell us that the transfer of state between atomic particles/ photons, takes place at a speed of about 10,000 times the speed of Light, instantaneously!  Also a part of this process, is something called a “Gyrosphere”, which is a Super Conductor of Magnetic Energy or Scalar Wave Energy. It uses the zero point field, in order to make Quantum changes. This Interdimensional device is a fundamental part of the Gateway Systems Network, and is used by the Elohim in their creations.  All Activators are able to use the Scalar Energy separately to heal! 

The Attunements themselves, are intergalactic, and multi-dimensional  operating at warp speed through the Gateway to other Universes. They are designed to take us to even greater levels of awareness. The “Avatars of Light” are a species beyond all others. They tell me they have evolved beyond the need to have an embodied form, and are pure energy. When I asked the purpose of these attunements, they told me they are to evolve Humanity to this same level, and to bring Unity. One of the many benefits of the Gateway Energy, is that it alters our thought processes, disabling our ability to think negatively. After receiving the system downloads, you will be able to transmit the Gateway energy to others. The Master codes that enable the transmission of this energy will be embedded within your energy field remotely via myself. There are currently 10 Gateway Level Downloads, though the Gateway Course focuses upon 7 main systems. You will however find that generally after having received only Gateway Level One, (the first Gateway System download), that you will be equipped to perform attunements on others as a practitioner. If your soul has been searching for a niche work for the Highest Good of Humanity, this may be it!  

For those who are considering becoming a Gateway Ascension practitioner, below are the 7 functions of the Gateway energy… The initial energy that a person receives, will seek out their weaknesses, tears in the fabric of their energy bodies, in order to seal them ( the energy itself is the Assessor)… 

1st Function, is comprised of the Assessment only.
2nd Function, is about identifying the Genome, and re-arranging genetic material.
3rd Function, comprises of rescuing lost Dna from the Etheric strands, and re-integrating it.
4th Function, revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional Dna.
5th Function, is about re-invigorating the strands by injecting new codes into them. It installs new Star Technology, to instigate a New System entirely.
6th Function, is about finalizing important structural changes to support the new template.
7th Function, revolves around re-uniting all our stellar systems ( our Galactic energy systems), and transforming them into ONE WHOLE Module.

It may of course require a number of attunements from a Master Activator, in order to fully carry out these functions. Please note that these functions apply to ALL the GATEWAY SYSTEMS, i,e Alderbaran, Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus, Excel, Isis,  and Pegasus, (Auriga, Genesis, and Merkabah). However, functions 5 to 7 will apply to only those systems which the Master Activators have themselves received. Since the energy chooses what to give your client, based upon the codes you have received, it is more beneficial for your clients, if you have received more than one system.
One of the main purposes for these attunements is to activate our dormant star being Dna, to bring into being the new GALACTIC HUMAN. It also contains the DNA Reverse Program, automatically reversing the genetic downgrading that we, as a species have been subjected to… This is New Science of Light technology! See what others have said about the Gateway..

Morphogenetic Fields

The Morphogenetic Fields are fields of resonance, existing within the Holographic Mainframe. Each field is responsible for specific functions, having localized bio-etheric signalling for their relative counterparts. . The fields of resonance help to create the organism, and its various parts, through cellular organization.. Each field is responsible for different areas of the human structure, from muscle, bone, blood, nervous system, and unified consciousness..

The fields are fluid and responsive to evolutionary forces.. They cooperate fully with the Gateway Energy, allowing the introduction of new codons into the cells, that will bring about huge transformations, from the subatomic level.. The transference of energy between the parallel and physical cell, takes place via the Morphogenetic Field. Human consciousness itself, evolves through the evolution of this field..

The Field is responsive to higher genetic technology , that which originates from other star systems, and galactic spheres.. It accepts the new superior encoding, and rearranges the cellular formations accordingly.. Our cellular bodies are re-patterned, and our mental bodies are re-wired, in resonance with each field, from the physical, emotional and mental vehicles.. In this way, we continuously evolve into something better, something greater. New species can, and are birthed, in this way. This is higher light technology par excellence…