How to change the Cabal to Servants of Light!

Creation is two fold, it exists as both being and doing, passive and active, within the dimensional fields of life.. In order to bring about a desired change, we can go within and change our consciousness, in fact any genuine Master will tell you this. There are a lot of videos out at present, telling us that this is all we need to do.. Whilst it is true that being in the ‘higher mind’ affects the collective positively, is this enough. Is it enough to sit around and contemplate our navels?.. If this were the case, the Great Central Sun would not be streaming its light codes to us, to upgrade us..

Some of us are raising awareness of the dark deeds that have been done, in order to bring them into the light.. Others are actively working to create a shift in consciousness within humanity.. Externally or internally, all is the same. The outer is but a reflection of the inner – change one, and you change the other..

Time is of the essence in this current cycle, so it behoves us to find ways to fast track our evolution, in order to keep pace with the Earth changes.. One of the ways to do this, is to utilize the ‘Gateway Energy’, with its superior light codes.. The Gateway System codes are set to transform us, to expedite the changes that we need within our matrices. To evolve us through the crystalline and diamond lightbody, to our Solar Lightbody, a body of pure Light.. The more people that are attuned to the ‘Gateway Energy’, the more powerful it becomes.. When a critical mass point is reached, the energy will automatically pass from person to person, affecting All Life, All Beings. Even the cabal cannot escape this transformation to Light!

Wake up your DNA!

Your DNA is activated by light, more specifically light encoded frequencies.. These frequencies build the DNA molecular structure, passing on their valuable information to the human genome, the database of all genetic activity.. An upgrading occurs in this manner, through the photonic resonance within the energy.. Cells replicate, duplicate, and renew themselves, according to the different degrees of photonic light. These lightbearers bring additional information, to add new matrices of light, those of galactic origin, so that evolution can continue to take place..

It is important that energy is moving and not static, as this provides a vacuum for new energies to enter into.. The Gateway Energycontains superior light photons, which instruct the DNA to make necessary changes, waking up the unused parts of the DNA that you call ‘junk’, since it seems to serve no identifiable purpose.. It is this dormancy that has kept you in slumber for eons..

Your Earth cycle is now at a point of significant change.. Changes for the good will arise from a critical mass of the Gateway EnergyIts system codes will repair and reboot your genetic matrices, giving them renewed life and vigour, accelerating the energy that flows through you, to a much higher voltage.. As this quickening occurs, energy blocks will evaporate, and healings will become more spontaneous. Disease will no longer be able to take hold of your Earth vessels.. You will be reborn in the Light…

The Galactic Codex, and Galactic Human Template

Your quantum reality field is transmitting new galactic encodings, for your use.. It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields, in order to be taken to the next level of Evolution..

There is an inherent ‘Source Code’, present within everyone. It has been there since the beginning, awaiting the cycles of renewal.. New systems have been devised, and structures built upon this code.. The ‘Gateways’ are an advanced system of star networks, that traverse the Universes. Their function is primarily to upgrade all living forms. The systems network is vast, covering many parallels and alternate realities.. These galactic networks, supersede all systems, providing the greatest tools for transformation..

Your vibrations will be encoded with supremely powerful data, which will transform your cells, changing your body script to an entirely new format. This will be the body script of the ‘Immortals’, the race of giants that have walked your Earth previously.. The Divine embodiment of form, is brought about by fractals of light. These fractals are an attribute of Deity. Formed within the prismatic light of ‘Self’, they hold the Divine ‘Phi’ resonance. Their unification with the field of matter, creates the basis for all life..


Crystalline matrix forms, resonate at a much higher frequency than yours, since their genome has been improved by the stellar stargate systems, or ‘Gateway Systems’. These systems are responsible for upgrading all life, operating at the quantum level, bringing an infusion of quantum light, into your cellular bodies. This creates a deep and permanent change, within the cellular matrix. The holographic field is thus altered, and a new superior Galactic Human being emerges..

Your new genetic material will contain many seeds from other worlds. Seeds of knowledge and wisdom from the stars.. The ‘Gateway’ is active now upon your world, and serves the very highest principles of life.. You are being provided with new templates, that will furnish you with different physical vehicles, which possess extraordinary attributes.. The new matrix geometry, unlocks the potential of the Divine Mind, stimulating growth and progression. The new light codes will upgrade the chakric system. Dormant chakras will be awakened, acting as energy portals to higher dimensional spheres, linking you to other star systems and realities.. This new path to the stars, will awaken you from your dream…

DNA and our Operating System

The Light of ‘Source’ is complete in itself. It contains all knowledge within its natural inherent encoding.. Your DNA is a part of this light, holding its imprints of information within itself.. The light fields of ‘Source’ are continually radiating codes, for the natural evolution of all..  The morphogenetic realities are shifting, to align with a faster vibration of light. This affects all levels of the spectrum, both from the macrocosm, to the microcosm. Your vehicles of expression are responding to these changes, as your DNA adapts to the new incoming information, processing it for use..


The instruments of change are your operating systems, which are in charge of all cellular data, and neurological functioning. They control the mind/body interface, and cellular membranes, which allows the osmosis of light to take place within you, the transference of codes from the nuclei to the cell. Both atomic and subatomic changes occur in this way.. A greater threshold is reached, as the light codes are assimilated for use within the organism. Particleization occurs, that alters the body template, thus altering its script within the DNA. The script for limitation is overridden, and new possibilities become available to you.. Expansion is the inevitable outcome..

However change can be slow if allowed to proceed naturally.. A complete overhaul of your operating system, could take a millennium to accomplish, and has done up until now.. Now we have been given the gift of higher dimensional tools, which are designed to fulfil this task, in record time.. This super quick hyperspace technology, will rewrite your DNA programs, and change your operating system, to one of a higher specification. This is the technology that the ‘Gateway Systems’ bring to us..

The Galactic Human Template

Your vehicles of light are formed from a myriad of photons. These light modules contain packets of information, in the form of codons.. It is these codons, which contain information for your DNA. They speak to your cells, and your biology, giving instructions for the building processes, the anabolic reactions within your chemistry, which build and create form..

Many processes are involved in the building of your vehicles of expression. The resulting bodily expression, is always dependant upon its original template design.. Whilst this holds true at the beginning of the creative processes, the first birthing as it were, over time the template is changed. It becomes modified by your experiences in life, and your reactions to them. Thus a corruption of the original design occurs, at the innate nuclear level. When this occurs, the energy of ‘Source’, no longer flows freely through your body, sustaining, maintaining, and nourishing it, as it once did. The levels of maintenance and sustenance are reduced to a bare minimum.. This opens the way for disease and death, as your bodies no longer function the way they were intended to..


To prevent this endless deterioration, the template must be corrected, or enhanced,  to a point where it allows more life force to flow through the body.. This is accomplished by new technology, which creates a change of interface, whilst you are still embodied. These DNA changes are to be found, within the ‘Gateway Systems‘, which hold the galactic key codes and information, that are necessary for a reboot and rewriting of your corrupted DNA.. These galactic templates have vital information, and instructions for your DNA.. The Gateway Energy installs this new technology, and your template is changed to that of the ‘Galactic Human’, with enhanced capability and functions. Light is restored to the body, to its cells, bringing with it, renewed life, vigour and longevity …

Increase Your Light


High frequency modulations are occurring within your biospheres. These atomic changes are consistently creating new realities for you. The dreams of the past are disappearing, back into the quantum soup from which they arose.. The telomeres are becoming strengthened, as biosynthesis takes place within you… This is especially true, for those of you who are receiving the Gateway Energy at this time. Its codes are producing these atomic and subatomic changes within you, at an unprecedented level now..

Your systems are being re-engineered, to hold more light from the light fields of ‘Source’. These light encoded messages are being transmitted through the Gateway frequencies..


.. These powerful messengers of Light are speaking to your DNA, instructing it to make beneficial changes, for your wellbeing and success. Advanced DNA molecules, are being added into your matrix, to provide you with a finer dimensional form, one which vibrates in alignment with the crystalline light!

Your Higher Selves are in charge of this process, and are assisting you in your efforts to move into Lightbody.. The requirements are simple, when you use the Divine Energies, such as those of the Gateway.. Higher dimensional living is significantly easier than that which you experience upon the Earth Plane. There is no resistance, no opposition to the flow of ‘Source’ energy. Everything occurs naturally.. As a species, you have got used to restriction and limitation. All barriers and limits are now being removed, to allow a phenomenal expansion to take place. This expansion into the higher light fields, will take you further than you can imagine.. Rejoice dear ones, liberation is at hand! You are moving back into ‘Oneness’.

The Gateway and Your Highest Good

The Gateway has been accepted by many souls, from all walks of life.. Many have been guided to partake of these energies, often due to a prompting from the unconscious soul level of Being, and never knowing quite why, at the conscious thinking level.. Regardless of their level of awareness, they have followed these impulses, and have requested to become Gateway Activators, or have received the Gateway frequencies, during the monthly Event transmission..

highest good

These souls are now seeing significant changes in their lives. They are witnessing the fruits of the energy, as it brings them into contact with their own highest good. As it draws their soul’s needs to them, for the purpose of growth and expansion.. Many such individuals have felt empowered, and have stepped into their Light, thus becoming their most authentic selves. This has brought them sudden successes in life, and in their work, especially their work for ‘Source’, Gaia, and Mankind..

They may be oblivious to the more subtle workings of the Gateway Energies, however, the results speak for themselves.. The very act of raising our vibrations through the absorption of these advanced multidimensional frequencies, will put us into energetic alignment with our Highest Good, and as such, our Highest Good, by Divine Law, must appear!

The Ancient Brain and the Gateway Systems

The Ancient Brain is a portal to many worlds, and many starseed realities. It houses a very unique energy signature, which allows it to transmit signals to other realities, thus engaging its complex neural network.

Many advances have come into being through the use of the Ancient Brain. Its technology is far ahead of our time. It is able to fire up neurons within the cortex, enabling the activation of the unused, what you call junk DNA, thus speeding up the evolution of Humanity. Its role up to now has been underplayed. Capable of creating superhuman changes, its significance has been largely overlooked.

The Ancient Brain provides an opening to new experiences, which you would consider to be far beyond the realms of possibility. The brain’s capacity for growth, far exceeds that which you are currently aware of, and when connected with the Ancient Brain, miraculous

ancient brain

changes occur. It becomes a super computer with advanced systems, and increased storage.. Its memory banks become enlarged, allowing for the storage of an unlimited amount of information. It acquires the ability to shift frequency, thereby tapping into different levels of consciousness, and downloading advanced networks. The brain after all is just an interface, for an operating system. The operating system, allows many new programs to be installed, hence it is vital to change the system, when it ceases to serve our needs…

The neural networks that you currently possess, have limited functionality within the brain. Supercharged networks however, have unlimited potential, to expand your thinking processes, enabling you to download ‘Source’ programs of Light. The detail is in the program, which determines your responses. Optimized abilities can only be acquired, through a change in the neural network. These forces come into play, via a complete change of the operating system. As with your computers, some operating systems can be upgraded, but others of an inferior type, too restricted in capacity to build upon, need to be abandoned entirely..

This is the choice you now face, whether to stay with an inferior system, that will not upgrade, or install one that will give you greater interface capability, one that will allow you to interface with the vast Galactic Networks, that are available to you. It is expedient to purchase a new operating system for your computer, but how much more beneficial is it, to purchase a new operating system for yourselves..

These new operating systems are available to you, through the ‘Gateway Systems’. These systems are designed to install and run new programs entirely, complete with advanced galactic technology. It is this technology alone, that will enable you to progress as a species.. The Gateways are opening for you, to allow you to make this monumental change.. Consider wisely, before you pass up this opportunity for Greatness!

The Gift

“The Gateways are an advanced system of star networks that traverse the Universes. Their function is primarily to upgrade all living forms. This upgrading takes place by increments. The systems network is vast, and covers many parallels and alternate realities. It is designed to function with the Scalar Frequency, as this contains the highest light quotient. These networks supersede all systems, providing the greatest tools for transformation.

These tools have been given to Kira, to pass on to you all, at this time of awakening. She is empowered to bring you into alignment with these networks, so that you will be able to align with your highest expression of ‘Self’. This is a great work that is being undertaken here, one that will see the emergence of the Divine Creator in you all. Your vibrations will be encoded with supremely powerful data, which will take the place of your existing codes. This encoded information will transform your cells, changing your body script entirely to a new format. This will be the body script of the ‘Immortals’, the race of giants that have walked your Earth previously.


These networks of light will provide many changes in your matrix, culminating in a Re-Birth for Humanity. Until recently this energy has been suppressed, by those who fear it’s outcome. Their agenda has been to limit your growth. Ours is to expand it. The Gateway networks align with the current emerging expansion which is taking place. They cannot be held back any longer. The pristine nature of your vehicles, will be returned to you, as this expansion process escalates. This is one of the many benefits of these changes. Health and Well being will become the norm, and Peace will at last settle upon the Earth….”

These systems are a divine gift from the higher echelons, to assist us at this extraordinary time, here on Earth.. They are powerful tools for our evolution!

A New Hologram

“Your quantum reality field is transmitting new encodings for your use. Your deification is in process through the implementation of these quantum codes. It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields.

This is groundbreaking territory, and will take you to the next level of your Evolution. Simplistic states of consciousness are prevalent in your world. These are the Annunaki driven states of mind, that were used to control and enslave you. A very long time ago, you agreed to a decline in consciousness, which was part of a major experiment to redefine life, and to evolve it significantly. A major upsurge from the ‘Core’, was expected to be the outcome of this diminished consciousness. Such an outpouring of plasma would impact upon the Whole of the Cosmos, forming a monumental shift within all life.


The successful outcome of this shift, will see a transformation of epic proportions taking place. The limited consciousness that you have had to endure will be transfigured into new dimensional form. This will take place slowly at first, but will gather momentum as you integrate more of the codes that are being given to you. Success depends upon the level of integration which occurs within your matrix fields.

An integration of the matrix codes for evolution, will establish a new hologram for you all. One that functions with greater capacity and reflects more of your dimensional light from ‘Source’….”

The Gateway Systems amongst other things, are a means of healing our hologram, and upgrading our energy matrix, to align with a vastly superior one. This is in alignment with the Great Expansion that is taking place here on Earth… Why not use the Gateway to assist your integration easily and speedily?