The Power of The Gateway

The Earth has been seeded many times, by many different races of power and influence. These seedings have born fruit, and have contributed to your gene pool as it is today.

The largest influence has been the alteration of your DNA by the Annunaki. Their genetic scientists, incorporated the Pleiadian Codex, and the Reptilian Codex into your matrix. Whilst the Pleiadian codex had a positive effect upon you, endowing you with various psychic gifts and abilities, the Reptilian codes however, gave you a warring nature, which has created a drop in density, to a much slower vibration.


These codes of slower density need to be eradicated and replaced with healthier ones, through the rewriting of your DNA. Any inclination to warfare, will then be written out permanently… This is automatically done by the Gateway Energy. It contains many superior intergalactic codons, which will repair and renew your DNA, giving it a much higher resonance with the light. The shift in vibration that it brings, will expand your consciousness threshold, in effect leaving behind the dark days of the Past… Thus a new Era will be born, one of  great illumination. The propensity for darkness will no longer exist within you. This chapter in your history will be closed forever, setting you upon a new Path of Light.

Use the Gateway Energy to return to power, and reestablish yourselves as the great creators and masters that you ARE!

The Gateway to Higher Consciousness

Your cellular structures are infinite vessels of  embodiment. This allows for the imprinting of the  hologram onto your templates.
The body’s vehicles are connected energetically, so that information can be transmitted from ‘Source Mind’.
The electrons carry vital instructions for each neuron that comprises the nervous system. An electrical charge is emitted from the Quantum Field, which contains a scalar charge. The two are melded as one, the electron being the carrier of the scalar frequency.
Evidence supports the merging of holographic identities, within the same framework of both linear and multidimensional timelines. Thus it is conceivable for more than one identity to operate through the same interface. This is particularly significant at this time of merging quantum realities, that are issuing from the Void.

gateway to higher consciousness

Your present timeline has limitations placed upon it, and will inevitably give way to a new one, one of greater expansion that allows connectivity to all realms of existence. This timeline will be a far superior one, that will lead to greater awareness for you all. Your quantum reality field is transmitting new encodings for your use.  It is of paramount importance for you at this time, to absorb these into your energy fields. This is groundbreaking territory, and will take you to the next level of your Evolution.
Simplistic states of consciousness are prevalent in your world. These are the Annunaki driven states of mind, that were used to control and enslave you. A very long time ago, you agreed to a decline in consciousness, which was part of a major experiment to redefine life, and to evolve it significantly. A major upsurge from the ‘Core’, was expected to be the outcome of this diminished consciousness. Such an outpouring of plasma would impact upon the Whole of the Cosmos, forming a monumental shift within all life. The successful outcome of this shift, will see a transformation of epic proportions taking place.

The limited consciousness that you have had to endure will be transfigured into a new dimensional form. This will take place slowly at first, but will gather  momentum as you integrate more of the codes that are being given to you. Success depends upon the level of integration which occurs within your matrix fields.

An integration of the matrix codes for evolution, will  establish a new hologram for you all. One that  functions with greater capacity and reflects more of your dimensional light from ‘Source’.
There is an inherent ‘Source Code’ present within  everyone. It has been there since the beginning, awaiting the cycles of renewal that are forever changing your landscape.
New systems have been devised, and structures built upon this code, giving increased awareness faculties to all Beings…. to read more click here