Creation is two fold, it exists as both being and doing, passive and active, within the dimensional fields of life.. In order to bring about a desired change, we can go within and change our consciousness, in fact any genuine Master will tell you this. There are a lot of videos out at present, telling us that this is all we need to do.. Whilst it is true that being in the ‘higher mind’ affects the collective positively, is this enough. Is it enough to sit around and contemplate our navels?.. If this were the case, the Great Central Sun would not be streaming its light codes to us, to upgrade us..

Some of us are raising awareness of the dark deeds that have been done, in order to bring them into the light.. Others are actively working to create a shift in consciousness within humanity.. Externally or internally, all is the same. The outer is but a reflection of the inner – change one, and you change the other..

Time is of the essence in this current cycle, so it behoves us to find ways to fast track our evolution, in order to keep pace with the Earth changes.. One of the ways to do this, is to utilize the ‘Gateway Energy’, with its superior light codes.. The Gateway System codes are set to transform us, to expedite the changes that we need within our matrices. To evolve us through the crystalline and diamond lightbody, to our Solar Lightbody, a body of pure Light.. The more people that are attuned to the ‘Gateway Energy’, the more powerful it becomes.. When a critical mass point is reached, the energy will automatically pass from person to person, affecting All Life, All Beings. Even the cabal cannot escape this transformation to Light!

How to change the Cabal to Servants of Light!

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