For anyone who is interested in receiving the Gateway frequencies, here are some gateway testimonials ……

“The pulsations/heat/energy flowing thru when the Gateway connection began was amazing..”… Sian Jewell

“Thank you Kira for the welcome. I am honored to be part of this group of activators! I deeply felt the energies when they were activating within me in various ways. It was quite fascinating. Love and blessings to all…” Brenda Monahan

“Yesterday I had my first Gateway Event – I was invited by Kira on her Facebook group. This was of the most energetic experience in my life. I could really feel the difference and while I was asleep after it
I was searching a long time to find my purpose and my “home” and everything leads me to this. I want to help and I want to heal, but first I have to heal myself and make sure my energy becomes bright again. I think I’ve done it before… Love M.W….”

“Hello fellow activators 😊, I am a recently new activator and wow do I feel the energies vibrating intensely”…… Zertasia

“I tried to think negatively all day, after receiving the Gateway energies, but couldn’t! They really do realign our thought habits” … Pradeep Gohill

“The Gateway session began and within a few minutes she said “reprogrammed” I continued  and watched as tears were flowing down her cheeks.At the end of the session she said “It felt sooooo cold and my brain was being reprogrammed some how…I felt my family of light come to me and at that time I realised I AM soooo much more.And also realise why I don’t feel whole”I told her about the word I was given.and she cried again.She said after all these years of not feeling my JOY I think something has changed for me today. …..Thankyou… S.J

” I had this client I worked now for a while and we got amazing experiences with the gateways, so much that she asked me if I can also do this for her boyfriend!” …… Riana Van Staden

“As the energy began to arrive I was met by a rainbow of lights, followed by the letter V. Then shortly thereafter the energy came in 3 waves each stronger than the one before lasting approx. 15 minutes each. By the 3rd wave the energy flow was very intense. I experienced a heart expansion and my body temperature changed gradually with each wave from warm to cold to ice cold. I was covered by a blanket, had socks on and a wool scarf around my neck just in case. Looking at it now it was almost as if I knew it would get cold.  
The experience was amazing and the strongest yet..”……. Angelina Arceiro

“After the Gateway……while sitting in meditation,I asked to connect to my family of light and FELT the most amazing illuminating white light. Then I began calling for ALL the facets of myself to return ( it felt like me asking but the thoughts and words were coming from deep inside me ). Then I heard myself asking for all barriers,and any wounds of the past to be transmuted, and transformed into light and that I REMEMBER my Divinity . Tears began streaming down my face. It felt very emotional. I sat in stillness after just allowing the energy to flow through me…” … Sian Jewell

“It felt very intense right from the start! I was kind of surprised, because I don`t always feel it that strong. Fantastic transmission- Thank you .” … Jette Richardson

Since the energy reached critical mass point, there have been more testimonials, including one from an activator in Australia, Sonia, who gave the energy to a young Mum. She then gave it to her young Son and Husband, and they experienced remarkable and powerful healings, so much so that when Sonia was told about this, it brought tears of Joy to her eyes!