The Gateway and Your Highest Good

The Gateway has been accepted by many souls, from all walks of life.. Many have been guided to partake of these energies, often due to a prompting from the unconscious soul level of Being, and never knowing quite why, at the conscious thinking level.. Regardless of their level of awareness, they have followed these impulses, and have requested to become Gateway Activators, or have received the Gateway frequencies, during the monthly Event transmission..

highest good

These souls are now seeing significant changes in their lives. They are witnessing the fruits of the energy, as it brings them into contact with their own highest good. As it draws their soul’s needs to them, for the purpose of growth and expansion.. Many such individuals have felt empowered, and have stepped into their Light, thus becoming their most authentic selves. This has brought them sudden successes in life, and in their work, especially their work for ‘Source’, Gaia, and Mankind..

They may be oblivious to the more subtle workings of the Gateway Energies, however, the results speak for themselves.. The very act of raising our vibrations through the absorption of these advanced multidimensional frequencies, will put us into energetic alignment with our Highest Good, and as such, our Highest Good, by Divine Law, must appear!

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