Your DNA is activated by light, more specifically light encoded frequencies.. These frequencies build the DNA molecular structure, passing on their valuable information to the human genome, the database of all genetic activity.. An upgrading occurs in this manner, through the photonic resonance within the energy.. Cells replicate, duplicate, and renew themselves, according to the different degrees of photonic light. These lightbearers bring additional information, to add new matrices of light, those of galactic origin, so that evolution can continue to take place..

It is important that energy is moving and not static, as this provides a vacuum for new energies to enter into.. The Gateway Energycontains superior light photons, which instruct the DNA to make necessary changes, waking up the unused parts of the DNA that you call ‘junk’, since it seems to serve no identifiable purpose.. It is this dormancy that has kept you in slumber for eons..

Your Earth cycle is now at a point of significant change.. Changes for the good will arise from a critical mass of the Gateway EnergyIts system codes will repair and reboot your genetic matrices, giving them renewed life and vigour, accelerating the energy that flows through you, to a much higher voltage.. As this quickening occurs, energy blocks will evaporate, and healings will become more spontaneous. Disease will no longer be able to take hold of your Earth vessels.. You will be reborn in the Light…

Wake up your DNA!

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